Secret Invasion: Who is G’iah? G’iah’s Final Conversation With Talos Will Haunt Her

Secret Invasion: After G’iah got better from her injuries using her new Extremis powers, she ran away from Gravik’s power plant. She made a plan to meet up with her dad, Talos. Gravik thinks G’iah is dead because he doesn’t know she’s become like a Super Skrull, just like him.

G’iah and Talos meet at a park and talk about what to do next. G’iah switched sides and now she wants Talos to give her a solid plan for making a new world for their Skrull people. At first, G’iah followed Gravik because she was angry that Fury didn’t do what he promised to help the Skrulls find a new home.

G’iah believes Gravik’s idea of taking over Earth for the Skrulls could work, but she wants to hear her dad’s alternative. Talos tells her about a deal he made with the President that will help them stay on Earth after Gravik attacks. But G’iah doesn’t like this plan. She decides to go her own way, wanting to live openly without hiding who they really are.

Who is G’iah?

Who is G'iah

G’iah appeared in the movie Captain Marvel. In that movie, Nick Fury met some shape-shifting aliens called Skrulls for the first time. He saw a Skrull named Talos reuniting emotionally with his family, who had been hiding on a space station around Earth.

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The little Skrull girl was Talos’ daughter, G’iah. Later, we saw her playing the game Uno with a young Monica Rambeau at Monica’s mom Maria’s house. Because G’iah’s original home was destroyed during a conflict called the Kree war, she, her family, and other Skrulls were searching for a new place to live.

Secret Invasion Reveals G’iah’s True Loyalties in a Clever Way

Who is G'iah

After Gravik shot G’iah, which could’ve been a big loss for Secret Invasion’s top character, she managed to recover. In a flashback, we see G’iah exploring the Super Skrull lab. There, she gained abilities from Groot, Cull Obsidian, a frost beast from Jotunheim, and most importantly, Extremis from Iron Man 3.

This actually healed her from the deadly wound, letting her survive and continue her fight. But a central question in the series was who G’iah is really fighting for. Some believed she was loyal to Gravik, while others thought she might be secretly helping her father Talos or some “good” group. In a sad moment with Talos, she admitted that she’s on her own side.

Is Talos Really Dead

She cares for her father but agrees with Gravik that following Talos would mean the Skrulls would always have to hide without a home. G’iah doesn’t support hurting humans, but she also doesn’t believe being kind will change their minds.

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After finding out that her dad passed away, probably around episode 5 of the show, G’iah will start thinking a lot about a talk she had with him. This talk might bother her because the last time she and her dad, Talos, spoke, they didn’t get along well. Now that both her mom and dad are gone due to the Skrulls’ immigration issue, we’ll have to wait and see if G’iah will run away, stay with Fury and keep fighting, or go back to Gravik. It’s a big decision for her.

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