Elon Musk New Book Details: When he and Grimes started dating, he gave her something special.

Elon Musk New Book Details: You know, showing you know stuff others might not is a way to impress someone romantically.

A person named Walter Isaacson is writing a book about Elon Musk. He put a part of the book on X, which used to be called Twitter, on Monday.

This part talks about how Elon Musk tried to make Grimes like him. Some people might find his way of flirting a bit strange.

In the story, Grimes compared Elon Musk to a made-up wizard named Gandalf from a book. On their next meeting, Elon Musk tested Grimes about the book to see if she really liked it. She did well and impressed him.

Elon Musk did some more things on their second date to win Grimes over. While they were driving to a restaurant, he showed off his fancy Tesla car. He made the car go really fast and even let the car drive itself for a moment. Grimes thought he was crazy but also kind of cool. However, the manual for that Tesla car says you shouldn’t do what Elon did.


Grimes shared with Isaacson that the car was actually changing lanes and using its signals on its own, almost like a cool moment from a superhero movie.

The text also talks about when Grimes and Musk had their first date. Musk’s idea of a great date was taking Grimes to the Tesla factory in California. They spent the evening there, walking around and Musk was busy trying to fix things.

Grimes added a little playful remark when she mentioned how she watched him “try” to fix things, hinting that he might not have been entirely successful. But it seems like Musk’s approach worked, as Grimes gave him a unique gift during their time together – a box filled with animal bones that she had collected.

Unfortunately, the couple eventually broke up in 2021 after being together for three years. During their relationship, they became parents to a son named X Æ A-12 in 2020 and a daughter named Exa Dark Sideræl in 2021.

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