Secret Invasion: Is Talos Really Dead?

Secret Invasion: In the latest episode of Marvel’s Secret Invasion on Disney Plus, things got intense as Gravik launched an attack on the President to create conflict between the United States and Russia. This resulted in a lot of people getting hurt.

Fans were shocked when the show killed off Maria Hill in the first episode, so they’ve been watching the rest of the series with caution. We’re here to discuss whether Ben Mendelsohn’s character, Talos, is really gone for good.

In Episode 4, called “Beloved,” it was revealed that Rhodey, played by Don Cheadle, is actually a Skrull. He was trying to convince Priscilla to assassinate Nick Fury. Fury, the former leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. eavesdropped on their conversation at a church.

After Priscilla spared Fury’s life, he secretly gave Rhodey a tracking substance during a friendly drink. This helped Fury and Talos follow Rhodey’s journey to the airport, where President Ritson was arriving.

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At the airport, Rhodey welcomed the President to England. However, Gravik and his team, disguised as Russians, attacked the President’s convoy. They overpowered the security quickly. Fury and Talos arrived just in time to help in the fight.

As American forces battled Gravik’s team, Fury and Talos worked to rescue President Ritson. Talos hoped to use the President as a bargaining chip to secure a home for the Skrulls. While trying to save Ritson, Talos was shot and revealed his true Skrull form.

Fury managed to get Ritson out of danger, but Gravik captured Talos. Gravik, pretending to be an American soldier, held Talos captive and stabbed him. Fury had to leave Talos behind to save Ritson and continue their mission.

Is Talos Really Dead?

Is Talos Really Dead

Talos died when Gravik attacked the President. Unlike earlier recoveries in the show, this time there’s no special condition for Talos to survive.

In episode 3’s end, Gravik shot G’iah (Emilia Clarke) and left her for dead. People thought Talos’ daughter was killed for betraying. But in episode 4’s start, we learned that G’iah had fused with Extremis’ DNA using Gravik’s machine. This turned her into a Super Skrull, and Extremis’ powers helped her quickly heal from the gunshot.

In the story, we’ve noticed that Gravik has healed from injuries using a special ability. But in the case of Talos, he didn’t have that ability, so there’s no way for him to recover from the stab wound. It’s quite obvious that Talos has died in this part of the series, along with Maria Hill. We’re sure it’s really Talos because he changed back to his original Skrull form after getting shot. Skrulls can’t stay in their human form when they’re hurt.


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