Blue Beetle movie review: Blue Beetle dethrones Barbie in US

Blue Beetle movie review: “Blue Beetle” came out on top at the weekend box office, but it didn’t have the best start among DC superhero movies in this era, making around $25.4 million.

The weekend for “Blue Beetle,” the newest superhero movie in North American theaters and the first with a Latino main character in live-action, had some good and bad news.

This movie, produced by DC Studios and Warner Bros., managed to be the highest earner from Friday to Sunday, even surpassing the popular “Barbie” movie, which had been doing really well. That’s what the experts at Exhibitor Relations shared on Sunday.

Blue Beetle movie collections

Blue Beetle review

However, the amount it collected, estimated at $25.4 million, was the lowest start for a DC superhero movie during this time, except for the not-so-profitable “Wonder Woman 1984” from 2021.

The lead in “Beetle” is played by 22-year-old American actor Xolo Mariduena, who has a mix of Mexican, Cuban, and Ecuadoran heritage. He portrays a recent college graduate whose body is taken over by a mysterious Scarab, granting him superhuman abilities.

Even though “Beetle” didn’t sell as many tickets as other new superhero movies, about a third less on average, the reviews have been positive, and it’s expected to do well in other countries.

“Barbie,” which had been out for five weeks, earned $21.5 million in ticket sales, a remarkable result for a movie in its current stage of being shown in theaters, as reported by Variety. This fantasy-comedy from Warner Bros. has incredibly earned a staggering $1.27 billion worldwide so far.

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