Farmer Almanac on winter 2023-2024: how much snow will we get across US

Farmer Almanac on winter 2023-2024:  The Farmers’ Almanac predicts that this upcoming winter will be more normal compared to the strange weather we had last winter. They expect it to be cold with snow and wet conditions. In the latest edition (the 207th), they say that the cold temperatures and snow will return across the country.

The editor, Pete Geiger, mentioned that after an odd and warm winter last year, people who like cold weather will be happy about the upcoming winter, especially in the Great Lakes, Midwest, and northern New England areas.

The Almanac predicts that there will be blizzards bringing an early winter in December. Places like northern New England, the North Central states, and parts of northern and central New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas might experience blizzard conditions.

Did last year the Farmers’ Almanac get its winter prediction right?

The weather was crazy all over the country, so we can be a bit forgiving about some things like power outages. Last year, the Almanac predicted a cold and snowy winter for the East, and they thought the West would be dry.

But in California, there were nine long periods of heavy rain called atmospheric rivers. In January, tornadoes were seen in Illinois and Iowa. During that same month, the Northeast had unusually warm temperatures. Even though February was supposed to be mild for the East, Mount Washington in New Hampshire had the coldest wind chill ever recorded in the whole country.

The end of La Niña, a weather pattern that usually brings coldness and snow to the Northwest and dryness to the South, is one of the reasons why we think last winter was warmer than usual. This was explained by Sandi Duncan, who manages the Almanac.

The Almanac thought there would be a third La Niña winter, but by February, that idea had pretty much fallen apart. The West got a lot of rain instead, and the whole United States had the 17th warmest winter ever recorded, according to the Farmers’ Almanac.

The Farmers’ Almanac is out – how much snow will we get?

Farmers' Almanac Prediction

People in New England are facing hot weather and getting ready for another heat wave this summer. At the same time, the Farmers’ Almanac has predicted that the upcoming winter will be cold and snowy in the Greater Gardner area.

The Farmers’ Almanac experts think that the whole country will have a colder winter with a lot of icy precipitation.

In the southern part of the Northeast, the winter will be frosty, flakey, and slushy. But in the far Northeast, there will be many snowstorms and temperatures below freezing.

After a not-so-cold winter last year, the almanac editors predict that this winter will be cold and snowy. They expect many snowstorms in most of New England and temperatures will be lower than usual. In the southern part of the Northeast, there will be more sleet and rain than snow or ice.

The Farmers’ Almanac Prediction for winter

The almanac says that there’s a good chance of seeing light snow in Central Massachusetts on Christmas, but not much chance of a big snowstorm. Most of the heavy snow is expected in January and February of 2024, as the people who make the almanac think there will be many snowstorms in New England and really cold weather. They think some of the snowstorms in those months might even become blizzards.

The people who make predictions expect that in the later part of February 2024, there will be snow, cold rain, and very cold temperatures in New England. In the first week of March 2024, a storm with wintry conditions will come to the East Coast and bring a lot of ice. It might snow again in the northwestern part of New England in the third week of April, even though it’s getting closer to the end of the winter season.

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