What is Google Discover and how does it work?

What is Google Discover; Today let’s talk about Google Discover. Google is talking about Discover because as Facebook’s traffic weakened, the traffic coming from Discover increased and the dependence of news websites also increased.

In today’s date, about 35-50 percent of the traffic of news websites is coming from Google Discover. Before understanding Google Discover, understand that news websites get traffic from Google in three ways.

What is Google Discover?

If you are feeling that Google Discover is an invention of Google, then it is not so. Opera and UC Browser have done these experiments before Google.

Basically, to keep people engaged on the browser, companies have been showing engaging content below the search option. If you remember, Opera browser also had this feature, UC browser also had the same feature. At present UC is banned in India and has wrapped up its business.

According to the Statcounter website, currently 65.87% of Internet users around the world use Chrome, 18.62% Safari, 4.12% Edge, 3.26% Firefox, 2.88% Samsung Internet and 2.12% Opera browsers.


If we talk about Search engine, then about 88 percent of internet users here use Chrome browser. 2.73% use Safari, 2.45% Opera, 1.75% Firefox and 1.2% Samsung Internet.

According to ComScore, a website that monitors the numbers of websites around the world, there are about 238 million monthly active internet users in USA. Although I believe that this number can increase up to 600 million. Comscore keeps updating the number of total internet users from time to time. At present, the number coming in his MMX report for the last 6 months is 485 million.

If 88 percent of internet users use only Chrome, then you can understand how big a user base Chrome has. Chrome shows these users Personalized Content through Discover. That is, content websites have an opportunity from where they can reach a large audience.

In simple language, you can understand that the suggested content you see under the search option in Chrome browser or the content you see under the search option of Google’s app is Google Discover.

The content seen in UC Browser or Opera was largely manual push, but due to continuous improvement in technology, the content of Google Discover is personalized and there is no human intervention in it.

How Google Discover curates content 


Google Discover curates content based on your personal information, browser history, app activity, search history and location.

Google crawls sites from all over the world and shows content according to your interest and location in your Discover. There is an EAT formula for this. EAT means Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Google measures the website on the basis of this E-A-T and distributes its content.

What to do to appear in Google Discover

  • use high quality photos
  • Curate content based on trends and user interest
  • quality content
  • long read content
  • attractive thumbnails
  • Don’t use clickbait headlines.
  • Do not use misleading content, headlines, thumbnails

What types of content are most visible in Discover

Google Discover isn’t just for hard news. There is Google News for hard news or for routine news. Google wants the user to read comfortably in Discover. That’s why you will see that there will be more content related to lifestyle, trending, offbeat, tech, religion, utility, entertainment and food. Apart from this, some content will be visible according to your location. In which there will be news around you.

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What should not a news website do

Google has a guideline not to do this, but news is news. If the news is on Sexual Violence, then the news will have to be done and if people are interested in it, then the news will also be shown in Discover.

  1. Dangerous Contents
  2. Harassing Content
  3. Hate Content
  4. Sexually Explicit Content
  5. Violence
  6. Vulgar language
  7. Click Bait Headline

How important is technology

To appear in Google Discover, the website must also be optimized according to Google. In the case of news websites, AMP format is necessary, although Google is moving out of AMP format, it is looking at page experience, but at the moment AMP and optimization are necessary.

Most importantly, the traffic of Google Discover is also not reliable. There are ups and downs in this too. If your direct traffic is good or brand traffic is good then you will bear the ups and downs from Google updates.

How to use Google Discover


To use Google Discover, you first need to enable it. On Android devices, you can do this by opening the Google app and swiping right until you see the Discover tab. On iOS devices, you can open the Google app and tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Then, select “Settings” and toggle on “Discover.”

Once you have enabled Discover, you will start seeing a feed of content on your home screen. You can swipe through the feed to see different articles, videos, and other content. If you see something that you are interested in, you can tap on it to read more.

You can also customize your Discover feed by following topics or entities that you are interested in. To do this, open the Discover feed and tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Then, select “Settings” and scroll down to the “Topics” section. Here, you can select the topics that you are interested in.

Google Discover is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information that is relevant to your interests. It is also a great way to discover new content that you might not have found otherwise.

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