Mike Lindell reveals his secret plan to save elections

Mike Lindell: Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, shared his secret strategy to improve elections. He talked about this at an event focused on preventing election-related crimes. Lindell presented his plan to make elections safer right away. On the event’s second day, he explained to the audience that he created a device called the “Wireless Monitoring Device” (WMD).

This device can figure out if voting machines are linked to the internet. A reporter from The Washington Post, named Will Sommer, discussed the details of Lindell’s plan, which some people thought was clever and had divine inspiration.

The newspaper “The Post” revealed that a big plan is in motion. This plan involves creating new secret tools for spying, like a small flying robot called a drone.

This drone would fly over all the places where people vote, which are called polling places. The main goal of this plan is to check if the special machines that count votes, called electronic voting machines, are connected to the internet. A person named Justin Baragona, who works at a place called Daily Beast, talked about this on a certain day denoted as “X.”

Mike Lindell reveals his secret plan to save elections

He said that a man named Mike Lindell had a plan to make elections more secure, but before explaining it, Mike Lindell asked people to give him money for something called the “Lindell Offense Fund.” He told them that giving money to his group would be a really good decision and that it would be kept private—nobody would know that they gave money.

Baragona wrote in his report that the device’s name, abbreviated as WMD, also means “weapons of mass destruction.” Baragona said, “He’s basically trying to copy something from the past, like a 2000 Mules.”

On Reddit, a user commented, “I really hope he actually does it. I can picture what he’ll do when 100,000 people create wireless hotspots near voting places with names like SuperSecretDeepStateVotingMachines.” Another person joked, “So, he wants to do undercover spying? I think he’s better off just selling pillows.”

Someone suggested, “My idea to protect elections is to send Mike Lindell floating away on a piece of ice.” Another added, “Sure, whatever you say. Come here for a moment so I can put this special jacket on you. Then we’ll take a ride in a van to a unique place.”

Historical moment for MyPillow 

Mike Lindell

While talking about the Summit, the person who started MyPillow said, “This special election gathering is very important, and it’s being shown to people all over the world in 85 languages on FrankSpeech.com.” He kept talking, saying, “This meeting about the election won’t focus on showing more proof.

We already have enough proof. Proof has been the easy part. This Summit is all about having hope and making a plan to protect our elections right away.” The Summit began with a video of Jimmy Kimmel, which made the person who started MyPillow yell, “No, no, no. That’s the incorrect one!” Actually, Kimmel made fun of the person from MyPillow for believing in conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

Lindell must pay $5 million

Robert Zeidman took part in a contest sponsored by Lindell. The contest was about proving that Lindell’s election data, which claimed foreign interference, was incorrect. The winner of the contest could win $5 million if they could show that Lindell was wrong. Zeidman looked at Lindell’s data and recently an arbitrator decided that Lindell has to pay $5 million.

Lindell named the challenge “Prove Mike Wrong.” He spoke to a newspaper called Star Tribune in Minnesota. Lindell said that after he made claims about election fraud, his company MyPillow faced a huge backlash. He mentioned that they lost $100 million because many big stores, shopping networks, and channels decided not to support them anymore. Lindell called this situation “cancel culture.”

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  1. All these things will prove is that Mike Lindell is a sucker. Dennis Montgomery took him for a ride two years ago, now this Jeff O’Donnell and whoever else is pushing these are doing it again.


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