How May Lindstrom’s Extreme Sensitive Skin Led to A (Luxurious, Beautiful) Booming Business

may lindstrom looks old : May Lindstrom’s natural beauty products are a luxurious treat for the skin, delivering deep moisturisation and a calming effect without the heavy feeling of other oils. However, some people with sensitive skin may be put off by the presence of fragrance, which can cause skin issues. May herself developed severe chemical sensitivities, eczema, dermatitis and allergies as a child and still suffers from them today. Her sensitivity made it difficult for her to enjoy traditional beauty products like face masks as she would often experience blistering rashes as a result.

Despite struggling with skin issues, May found herself accidentally embarking on a successful modelling career. However, she always had to be careful with the makeup products she used and developed her own natural concoctions to remove makeup and protect her skin. May’s homemade potions proved so popular on set that she started to share them with others, leading to a demand for her products. She began to think about creating a company that could inspire a new relationship with skin care.

May’s approach to natural beauty products is different from many others in the industry. Instead of focusing solely on non-toxic ingredients, she also focuses on nurturing oils that can deliver a truly luxurious experience. Her products, such as The Youth Dew for the face and The Good Stuff for the body, feel and smell indulgent while also providing nourishment to the skin. The Problem Solver mask is effective for treating breakouts, while the Blue Cocoon balm is incredibly hydrating and serves as an emergency treatment for the skin.


May’s philosophy that effective skincare doesn’t have to feel or smell medicinal is reflected in the sleek black packaging of her products. Despite the counterintuitive nature of this approach, it has been well-received by customers looking for an indulgent skincare experience that also addresses their skin issues.

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