Latto Leaked Pics: See Everything we know about Latto

Latto Leaked Pics: Latto, also known as Miss Mulatto, is a rapper and singer from the United States. She’s made quite a name for herself with tracks such as “Big Energy” (2022) and “Seven” (2023). Her real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens. She became famous after winning the initial season of a reality TV show called “The Rap Game,” created by Jermaine Dupri. Following her win, Latto launched a successful music career, putting out a range of mixtapes, singles, and EPs. Recently, she’s been caught up in some controversy linked to Blackpink’s Jennie. Wondering who Jennie is? We’ll give you the details right here.

See Photos Of The ‘Big Energy’ Rapper & Rising Music Star

Latto Leaked Pics

Latto Leaked Pics Latto Leaked Pics
Latto Leaked Pics Latto Leaked Pics Latto Leaked Pics Latto Leaked Pics: See Everything we know about Latto Latto Leaked Pics Latto Leaked Pics Latto Leaked Pics

Who is Latto? 

Latto Leaked Pics

Latto, whose real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens, was born on December 22, 1998, in Columbus, Ohio. She’s an American rapper. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and started rapping when she was a young girl. During her teenage years, she took part in a reality competition called ‘The Rap Game,’ which was produced by Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah. She used the name ‘Miss Mulatto’ during the competition and actually won it. But when Jermaine Dupri offered her a recording contract, she declined because she felt it didn’t pay her enough.

In 2019, Latto gained a lot of attention with her song “B-tch from da Souf,” which even got certified as gold later on. She became even more famous with her 2020 album called ‘Queen of Da Souf,’ which helped establish her as an up-and-coming rap star. In 2022, her next album ‘777’ featured a hit song called “Big Energy,” which not only kept her success going but also earned her several awards and nominations.

Latto Career

When Latto was just ten years old, she decided that she wanted to be a rapper. She began her journey by writing her own rap songs. Interestingly, before she got into the music industry, she was into drag racing.

Latto, who was born on December 22, 1998, introduced herself to the world in 2016 through “The Rap Game.” Throughout her music career, she’s put out many albums and worked with famous artists like Saweetie, Trina, Gucci Mane, Cardi B, Mariah Carey, Doja Cat, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage.

One of her big breakthroughs came in 2022 with the song “Big Energy,” from her album ‘777.’ This track climbed the charts remarkably and earned her nominations and victories at prestigious award ceremonies.

She was even nominated for Best Hip Hop Album of the Year at the BET Hip Hop Awards and recognized as the Top Rap Female Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. Latto’s talent was acknowledged further when she was named MTV’s Global Push Artist for the month in February 2021.

After Latto released her first song “Bitch from da Souf” in 2019 and it gained attention, she signed a deal with RCA Records. Interestingly, a special version of the song, featuring rappers Saweetie and Trina, made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 at position 95.

During 2020, Latto teamed up with Gucci Mane to create the song “Muwop.” This collaboration showcased her versatility in working with different artists.

In an extraordinary accomplishment in 2023, Latto became the very first artist to lead both the Hot 100 and the Billboard Global 200 charts simultaneously. This achievement was realized through her collaboration with the renowned BTS member Jungkook on the song “Seven.”

Adding to her successes, Latto’s talents were recognized in the music industry. She received a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist in February 2023.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Latto expanded her horizons. In 2017, she ventured into the business world by opening her own store called Pittstop Clothing. This shop is located in Jonesboro, Georgia, and adds another dimension to her accomplishments.

Why are BLINKs trending ‘Latto apologise to Jennie’?

Latto Leaked Pics: See Everything we know about Latto

Something surprising happened that got K-pop fans talking. Latto’s Instagram story ended up grabbing the interest of people online, unintentionally adding to the existing discussion about BLACKPINK’s Jennie. It all started when Jennie was facing backlash for listening to a song called “Bad Religion” by Frank Ocean. This song was considered disrespectful to the Muslim community, and that’s what sparked the controversy in the first place.

As people talked more and more about Jennie’s choice of song, a hashtag started trending on Twitter: “JENNIE APOLOGIZE TO MUSLIMS.” In a twist, Latto unintentionally got involved by posting a screenshot of her own name trending. She was actually trying to draw attention to her upcoming song release. However, what really got the attention of BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans) were the hashtags next to Latto’s name. These hashtags sparked new conversations and brought back the ongoing discussion about whether Jennie’s actions were disrespectful to the Muslim community.


A new trend started going around: “LATTO APOLOGIZE TO JENNIE.” This trend came about because of Latto getting caught up in the controversy, even though she didn’t mean to. People in the community were pointing fingers at Latto, saying that she was indirectly siding with the accusations against Jennie. On the other hand, some fans realized that Latto might not have known about the whole controversy happening around Jennie.

The accusations got a lot of people online worked up, but fans of BLACKPINK stood up for the group. They mentioned that BLACKPINK has actually been respectful of different cultures in the past. On the other side, Latto’s supporters said that she might not have known about the whole situation with Jennie and her controversy.

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