Who’s in the I’m a Virgo cast?

The I’m a Virgo cast is led by Jharrel Jereome 

who plays Cootie, a 13-foot-tall, 19-year-old raised by his Aunt Lafrancine and Uncle Martisse in Oakland 

who is accidentally discovered by a group of teenage political activists after a life of being shielded from the outside world.  

I’m a Virgo is available to stream on Prime Video. 

The I’m a Virgo cast also include Mike Epps as Martisse and Carmen Ejogo as Lafrancine. 

Jerome opened up about how he was cast in I’m a Virgo

“Boots emailed me personally, and the title of the email said, ’13-foot-tall Black man in Oakland.’ 

– Jharrel Jerome as Cootie – Mike Epps as Martisse – Carmen Ejogo as Lafrancine – Walton Goggins as Jay Whittle / The Hero – Brett Gray as Felix – Kara Young as Jone – Allius Barnes as Scat – Olivia Washington as Flora