Urfi Javed Viral Video: Urfi Javed made this farmer a millionaire

Urfi Javed is the most controversial actress of India. Urfi Javed always remains the subject of discussion regarding her dress.

She has created many such outfits that no one can even think of wearing.

Urfi Javed went on Bigg Boss last year where she did not get any special success.

The specialty of Urfi Javed is that she is always seen experimenting with her attire.

In the past, Urfi Javed wore such a cloth in which her boobs could not be cleared but were visible.

Urfi Javed has more than 4 million fans on Instagram. There is no such day when no photo or video of Urfi Javed goes viral.

Recently he made a farmer of Maharashtra a millionaire. As you know, tomato prices are skyrocketing in India.

On the same lines, Urfi Javed took some tomatoes from a farmer in Maharashtra and made his ear rings.

After which this farmer of Maharashtra became a millionaire by studying his tomato cell very much and in a few days.