Sasuke's Rinnegan Is The Only Way To Save Naruto

Boruto has shocked fans by revealing Kawaki's betrayal of Konoha.  

The former vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki is obsessed with protecting his rescuer and adoptive father, Naruto. 

After realizing that Momoshiki's spirit is still inside Boruto 

Kawaki comes to the conclusion that the only way to protect Naruto is to eradicate all the Otsutsuki 

Knowing that Naruto will try to stop him 

Kawaki traps him and Hinata in the Daikokuten dimension using his Kama Rift technique 

before heading to kill his adoptive brother. 

Daikokuten was a technique of Isshiki 

which Kawaki inherited through his Kama, and allows the user to store objects and people in a dimension where time does not flow.