Netflix  responded on Henry Cavill Leaving The Witcher? 

Ever since British actor Henry Cavill made his first appearance as Geralt of Rivia 

Fans were drawn to the immersive fantasy world brought to life on screen with The Witcher.  

News of his exit from the show undoubtedly came as a heavy blow to devoted fans. 

In an attempt to reassure and remind fans that Cavill is still going to wield the Witcher’s sword in season three 

Netflix has adopted a new strategy. On The Witcher handle Twitter 

Henry Cavill will still be embodying Geralt of Rivia in the highly anticipated third season of The Witcher. 

The message is loud and clear. Netflix is affirming that

Henry Cavill is still going to embody Geralt of Rivia in the remainder of Season 3.

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