Mughals used to keep eunuchs in the harem for their queens, they used to get this work done overnight

Whenever Mughal Emperor Akbar is talked about, in the history taught to us, only his greatness, intelligence skills

But apart from this, there is a history of Mughals which was never taught and told.

Here further we are going to tell you the stories of Akbar's debauchery. Ayyash is therefore being called

Because there were 5000 women in Akbar's harem who used to serve Akbar.

Many stories of Akbar's harem are prevalent, but here we are only going to talk about the eunuchs.

According to writer Nicolao, Kinnar was very close to Akbar. That's why eunuchs used to work as soldiers in the harem.

Only eunuchs used to take care of the entire security of the harem. Actually women are kept to serve the queens.

Women were not physically strong enough to protect themselves.