How Did Mikey Die in The Bear?

some fans are speculating about how Mikey died in The Bear and suspect there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

Season 1 took the world by storm. FX’s The Bear is a critically acclaimed original series following a fine-dining 

Mikey’s presence in the show is only depicted in flashbacks (played by Jon Bernthal) but 

it’s established eventually that Mikey dies by suicide. His death throws Carmy’s life completely out of orbit.  

As season one continues, more details of Mikey’s death are unraveled 

and that he left Carmy a note, the contents of which was revealed in the final episode. 

I love you, dude. Let it rip,” it read on the front. 

n the back, it was the recipe for the mysterious Family Meal Spaghetti—one that Carmy had failed to crack previously.