Diabetes desserts: 5 sugar-free dishes to satiate your sweet tooth

People who have diabetes sometimes find it difficult to find treats that satisfy their cravings for sweets. 

Desserts that have lots of refined sugar and fat are definitely off-limits for people dealing with this health condition.  

But the good news is, there are plenty of natural ingredients that are sweet and can be used to make delicious desserts.  

Things like apples, dates, honey, millets, chia seeds, and strawberries are not only good for you 

But they also help keep your blood sugar levels steady. 

Water chestnut used in one of these recipes is low in calories and full of vitamin-B6, fibre and folate.  

This is a healthy and nutritious recipe which may help to satiate sweet cravings. 

The recipe is free of fats as no ghee or butter is required and includes date syrup which is free of trans and saturated fats