Ant-Man is now in danger, who saved the world from evils and villains.

Not only Ant-Man but many of his other superhero companions are also in danger and there is nothing we can do to save them.

Because this time he is being attacked by film critics and his fans.

So in this week's issue of Duniya-Jahan, we will try to understand whether the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to end?

Many of us must have seen these films based on the characters of superheroes in which the world is often the target of bad people. There is a war between good and evil.

And at the end of the film, they destroy the evil plans of the villain.

These superheroes of these films are actually comic book characters who have been realized in films.

Avengers Endgame, released four years ago, has created panic at the box-office in the whole world as well as in India.

Those who enter the fray to take iron from the villain and at the end of the film mix the evil plans of the villain into the soil.

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